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The educational link between new tech, best practices, and today’s top dental professionals.

What We Do

Making stronger, smarter dental practices. Together.

DentalNexus is an initiative and network of Dental professionals providing educational resources to help Dentists and their offices usher in new technologies and innovation.


noun  A link or connected group.

Our free videos, articles, and literature focus on the advancements made in both laboratories and offices, the ways technology improves the productivity of your practice, and how to improve care for your patients.

Our team has been involved in multiple segments of the dental industry for many years. We have watched technology advance every day, and understand the difficulty of finding new tools for your office, and providing top tier care to your patients. Many hours are wasted sitting through sales pitches and biased literature. With DentalNexus, we wanted to provide an education hub for you and your office to find reviews and demos of new technology, tools, and methods so that you can better equip your practice.

Who We Are

Meet the smiling faces that give you smiling faces.

Mike Farago

Founder and CEO

Carrie Cokely CDT/TE

Director of Education

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