Seducing Women to gender vs. Guarding girl from gender | Girls Chase

Hello Alek.

I have noticed something in regards to Girls Chase therefore the seduction area as a whole.

There is apparently countless cognitive bias and intellectual dishonesty in this area Re: “Sluts”.

See, within area we show that ladies are humans just like males and really should for that reason be absolve to engage in sex freely w/o judgement.

Moreover, the thought of “high human anatomy matter” is a non issue to us “lovers” unless pursuing an LTR.

But the important points show that “most” women can be never in reality designed for relaxed intercourse. Many high n rely females either have actually personality problems, records of child punishment, bad desire control or high gender drives.

By and large women barter sex for relationships and continual hookups when it comes down to ordinary chick without committment damages the lady psyche. This is exactly why FWB chicks sometimes get jaded and sick and tired of bare intercourse.

Here is a thought, if females like-sex plenty, the reason why cannot they hold down an FWB arrangemnt in perpetuity like men would like?

Chase has additionally countered the debate that earlier seducers you should never corrupt more youthful local girls to fuck them youthful 18/19yo) because ladies have actually agency and may consider for themselves.

Yet we also carry on to declare that women are lovable small smurfs who need advice and path. They are not the very best decision producers particularly if younger.

In short all of these axioms we’ve got here seem to be rationalisations for “lovers” to shag girls without experiencing guilt.

Plus one means I’m able to prove this is certainly to request a write-up called “A Letter to my 18yo girl” or sth along these lines giving the woman advice on how-to manouver intimate relations as she goes to start her first year in university.

Could you nonetheless tell your daughter that its ok to fuck a smooth talking guy regarding basic go out if she feels the ambiance?

Do you really still inform her that human body number is a social construct used by prudes and puritans? One nightstands tend to be perfectly fine.

Are you willing to still enable the girl become fucked by earlier dudes (30s) during her first 12 months of college because more mature man + more youthful chick is actually an absolutely regular action to take?

I have found it tough difficult to totally embody the lover archetype as it frequently clashes aided by the patriach archetype inside myself who believes he may have a daughter one-day.

And I understand that this website does not offer womens guidance because it’s a males web site for males however in this case proclaiming that may be a straightforward cop out from approaching the disingenious character regarding the things we illustrate here Re: Women and Sex

Is it possible to be a lover and a patriach without experiencing cognitive dissonance?

Trillion Money Question.

I enjoy this concern, and I’d love to answer it… therefore, while it is likely to be addressed to Alek, I’d like to weigh-in using my ideas on it also.